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A small loan program to assist working families with obtaining a vehicle.

Wheels for Work program seeks to provide transportation to people who are attempting to secure and keep gainful employment. 

To apply you must:

  • Be an Allegany County resident

  • Have a minor child or dependent

  • Have a household gross income that does not exceed 200% of the current Federal Poverty Income Standards

  • Currently work 20 or more hours/week (Recent paystubs or tax returns if self employed required as proving documentation)

  • Have a valid NYS drivers license

  • Must complete a budget to provide evidence of excess cash of at least $100/month



Vehicle Requirements:

  • Must be purchased from a certified NYS auto dealer

  • Chosen vehicle should be no older than 12 years and have no more than 110,000 miles

  • Full insurance coverage is required (collision, comprehensive, and liability)

  • Purchased vehicles are required to have lemon law coverage or an equal warranty


Maximum Loan Amount: $10,000

Loan Payment Terms: 36 months at 0% interest

For Questions Please Contact:
Business & Loan Counselor
(585)268-7605 x1711

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